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Robert Frutos 

The message of transformation is that we can learn 
to live from our heart, from our deepest inspired nature,
and from our intuition... rather than merely from our 
intellect and logic.

Participating in the world from this level of consciousness -
from our heart and intuition, allows us a whole new relationship 
to the world around us, and offers us a glimpse of life as joy, 
wonderment, and beauty, as well as sanctioning the discovery 
of the deepest and most sacred parts of our Selves.

By devoting ourselves to living with conscious intention, 
begins the creation of a strong foundation that makes the 
qualities mentioned above a very real part of our lives that 
becomes woven into the fabric of our everyday reality.

If one choses to live in an intuitive flow, the result is a world 
of unity and harmony, if one continues to choose to work 
from the mind alone, one will only find separateness 
and division.

What are the steps that will take us from living primarily
in the world of reason, logic, and the intellect, into expanding
and developing our intuition... and enhancing our imagination, 
to give wings and then flight - to our inspirations, 
hopes, and dreams?

It simply begins with our thoughts...
and what we choose to focus on, as our thoughts are far 
more powerful than we realize. They are magnets that attract
into our lives the people, events, and circumstances that 
determine the outcome of our successes and failures in all
the arenas of our lives.

By refocusing our thoughts and intentions through affirmations,
visualizations, and meditation, we take a BIG STEP closer 
to creating and living in the bright new world we aspire to -
by drawing to ourselves the circumstances and conditions
that will facilitate this reality.

"O God, help me to believe 
the truth about myself, 
no matter how beautiful it is."

Robert offers individual and group transformational classes,
as well as offering a once a week meditation gathering 
on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

Robert also offers in-depth instruction on affirmations.
visualizations and meditation through his books:

Clarity, Inspiration,& Optimum Potential
A Concise Guide for Creating Infinite Possibility in YOUR Life

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In Pursuit of Excellence
A Concise Guide for Creating Unlimited Possibility in YOUR Life
Business and/or Organization

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"We are what we think. 
All that we are arises with our thoughts. 
With our thoughts, we make the world."

~ Buddha

"We are shaped by our thoughts; 
we become what we think. 
When the mind is pure, joy follows 
like a shadow that never leaves."

~ Buddha

“It is your thoughts and acts of the moment - 
that create your future.”

Change is good... you go first!

Life is a kaleidoscope of constantly changing patterns.
No matter how we might like things to remain the same,
or fight & cling to keep things in our preferred order, 
it is the role of the universe to redesign and reshape our reality.

Whether we flow with and make use of these changes determines 
exactly how much we may suffer, or how much we may grow 
and expand our own inner and outer universe.

If we understand from the start, that the world is set up to teach 
us significant and valuable life lessons, and more important that 
there is a higher benevolent power that is on our side - that
protects us, embraces us, loves us, and supports us in ALL 
that we do, we begin to not only see, but appreciate 
EVERY THING that comes into our life.

We will all experience transition and change in our lives.
We will lose those we love most dearly, we may fail to retain 
our desired job, our relationships will come to an unexpected close,
we may be forced to make a move away from our home 
and/or the area we love.

Unceasing and unforeseen changes will be a constant part of our life.
But if we choose to see this as part of a bigger picture - one that was 
designed for our own highest good and to help us step into our full magnificence, then we can discover the secret to an undeniable 
inner joy that will see us through all the challenges of life.

Robert is available for perspective and transitional counseling,
as well as navigating through the great and sometimes difficult
(if not devastating) challenge of life's changes, 
and for sharing a way to view change as a forward moving,
positive, and uplifting experience towards your best life possible 
and your greatest inner joy.                                   (808) 345-7179

"The moment in between what you once were, 
and who you are now becoming, 
is where the dance of life really takes place."

Barbara de Angelis

"Pain is inevitable. 
Suffering is optional"

~ Haruki Murakami