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Robert Frutos 
 Robert Frutos offers ancient practices and contemporary creative tools 
for inspiration, transformation, and healing.

Robert has lived at Ananda Spiritual Community for 27 years -
a community dedicated to sharing spiritual teachings 
and spiritual awakening. Robert has been practicing spiritual 
teachings for over 40 years.

Robert has taught countless classes on a range of topics regarding
practical spiritual living. He has traveled extensively across the U.S.
and Hawai'i offering spiritual How-to-Live workshops and retreats.
He has been trained throughly and in-depth in Yogic, Shaman, 
and Hawaiian spiritual traditions.

Robert is a gifted teacher/speaker with a unique ability to easily share 
and communicate spiritual living skills. 

Robert shares both the inspiration and techniques that allow one to
experience the spiritual world and realize that it is not only possible,
but it is easily within our reach.

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~ Classes, Workshops, Retreats ~
 Robert Frutos offers classes, workshops, retreats, seminars 
and keynote presentations on How-to-Live spiritual teachings,
topics, and themes. 

Listed below are some subjects available, or events and topics
can be arranged according to your specific needs:

With Beauty Before Me:
A Spiritual Approach to Creativity and the Arts

Pathway to Higher Awareness

Journey to Radiant Well - Being:
A Spiritual Approach to Healing

Creative Vision:
How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams!

Freeing Your Creative Spirit:
Art for Self Healing and Spiritual Growth

Art Therapy: 
The Healing Power Of Light, Color, And Sound

The Divine Romance: Spirit’s Call to the Soul

From Transition to Transformation: 
A Retreat to Awaken Your True Nature

The Yoga of JOY
The Energetics of Radiant Well-Being

Private – one-on-one sessions
Classes – Small, Intimate, Creative Groups
Private Retreats – Designed to your needs.

~ Spiritual Live Coach ~
What is a Spiritual Life Coach?

A Spiritual Life Coach is someone who helps you to:
1. Get a clear idea of your purpose and core inspirations and passions.

A Spiritual Life Coach helps you to get crystal clear on what you want, 
what you’re passionate about, and what kind of impact you want 
to make in the world.

2. Form a concrete, actionable plan, and gives you the secrets 
to making sure it succeeds.

A Spiritual Life Coach will help you to determine the course 
of action that will bring you to your goals. And, more importantly, 
they’ll teach you about the universal laws that govern whether 
or not you will succeed.

Some people seem to be able to create success almost effortlessly, 
even if their goals initially seemed impossible, whereas others 
continue to struggle for years without making headway. 

What’s the Difference?

The difference is, the successful ones use the flawless laws 
of the universe in their favor, while the ones who can’t seem 
to move forward are either unaware of theses principles 
or ignore these principles altogether.

A good Spiritual Life Coach can explain to you how 
these principles work, and how to make sure that they’re working 
FOR you instead of against you.

3. Discover the obstacles that are secretly holding you back

Many of us long to live better, more expanded lives, 
and to have an impact on those around us.
But part of us also clings to the things that are familiar and safe.

As you start to move toward the life of your dreams, your old habits, 
fears and beliefs will rush to try to hold you back, using an 
amazing array of subtle tactics to protect the status quo.

There will be distractions that tempt you to leave your most 
important projects for tomorrow, doubts that drain your confidence 
and slow your progress to a halt, habits that cause your efforts to be ineffective, and fears that lead you to hold back, concealing 
your light and power and leaving you unable to give it your all.

A Spiritual Life Coach helps you to discover these obstacles, 
even if you’re unable to see them yourself, and helps form a plan 
for moving past them so that you can move toward your ideal life 
full-steam ahead, instead of making slow progress, or none at all.

Ultimately, a Spiritual Life Coach helps you to tap 
into your own inner guidance system - that knows what’s best for you -
and will support you to be fully on purpose in your life.

If your ready to take the next step into YOUR full magnificence,
Robert can help...