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Robert Frutos 

"GOD bless Photographer, Robert Frutos, 
for his love for the HAWAIIAN PEOPLE 
and being among the best camera artist 
in the business."  

- Stephanie Terlep, Native Hawaiian
Robert Frutos is a professional Nature Photographer 
& Camera Artist, and author of Photographing Nature in Hawaii: Capturing the Beauty and Spirit of the Islands, published by Island Heritage Publishing.

His credits include Sierra Club publications and many of the nation's top nature calendar companies. His work has appeared in national magazines including: Sierra Heritage & 
The Yoga Journal, and his work adorns many a book cover. 

Robert has served as a featured writer, offering both photo techniques and inspiration - 
for Sierra Heritage and Light of Consciousness Magazine.

  Robert has taught photo workshops and tours throughout the west, in such diverse places as Whistler, Canada, Yosemite National Park, and Death Valley National Park. 

Currently, Robert continually teaches photography and photoshop classes around the big island. He has taught at the university in Hilo, the East Hawaiian Cultural Center, Parker School in Waimea and at the Volcano Art Center as well as misc. art centers.
Currently, Robert teaches photography 
and photoshop classes around the Big Island. 
He has taught at the University in Hilo, the Hawai'i Museum of Contemporary Art, Parker School in Waimea and the Volcano Art Center, as well as misc. art centers.

Robert is the founder and owner of Heart of Nature Photo Tours, established in 2002. The longest running photo tour service in the state.

  His accomplishments in these areas provide some insight into his passion, enthusiasm, and creativity. Robert is a gifted teacher/speaker with a unique ability to easily share and communicate photographic skills. He also brings the same passion-to sharing the beauty and spirit of the Hawaii Islands.

Robert's images can be seen at  www.hawaiiphototours.org and shares the Hawaiian islands are one of the planets great natural wonders. And it is a deep blessing to live here and share with others its great wonder, scenic, and cultural beauty.
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"Nature Photographer, Robert Frutos offers a unique vision. With sensitivity and awareness 
he draws from the world around him 
and communicates through his photographs 
a world of clarity, beauty, and wonder 
with an extraordinary palette of light 
that both uplifts and inspires."

J. Donald Walters, world renown lecturer, author, artist, musician
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