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Robert Frutos 
Inspirational Speaker & Keynote Presentations
 " I'd like to thank you Robert for such a wonderful presentation.
It really inspired me to continue on my search for a new and 
fulfilling life. Which I already have, right now, in this moment, 
because of the new insights and powerful tools offered 
in the presentation.

You have given me the prod that I needed and have encouraged me 
to push myself further. It has set the ball rolling!"

~ J Genovia

Robert Frutos is a gifted inspirational & motivational speaker, 
as well as a keynote presenter who delivers inspiring and
educational programs to a wide diversity of organizations, 
businesses, conferences, workshops, and retreats.

Robert inspires with his passion and humor, as well as 
his clear insights - on a multiple of noteworthy, significant 
and relevant topics that provide the understanding and foundation
to achieving success within one's everyday life.

Robert's programs introduce simple shifts of perspective - 
through experience and powerful tools, that will help
transform one's life, purpose, and/or business towards 
inspired vision, and success.

Robert's presentations are customized to meet the goals 
and needs of the audience. After learning about the challenges 
and essentials of your group, Robert will deliver a presentation 
designed to be a powerful, memorable and life-changing event.

Robert's accomplishments provide some insight into his 
enthusiasm and creativity. Robert is a gifted teacher/speaker 
with a unique ability to easily communicate and share 
"how to achieve YOUR life goal" skills. Robert inspires people 
to believe in themselves!

Robert is available for a number of wide-ranging inspiring 
and uplifting topics including:

Aloha Spirt:
Bringing Hawaii's Universal Values to Life

Navigating Change with Vision, Power & Grace

One Spirit: Awakening Consciousness, Presence & Purpose 

The Art of Inspired Living:
Consciously Creating an Extraordinary Life

In the Pursuit of Excellence: The Energetics of Optimal Potential

Awakening to Unlimited Potential

There are no Obstacles, only Opportunities:
Putting Yourself in the Place of Most Potential

Stress Management:
How to Retain Your Inner Happiness in 3 Easy Steps

"What a beautiful way to start my week. Mahalo nui loa.
You are so giving and I love your style of teaching.
It provides a clear and simple means of learning how my life can change.
The gifts you share will make a HUGE difference in my life.
I appreciate your love for what you are doing.
Blessings to you, and again, mahalo nui loa." 

Roxanne Pugh, Sales Administrative Assistant, Mauna Kea Resort

"A presentation with Robert will not only help a person understand 
more fully the energetics of optimum potential towards creating 
success and excellence in one's life and organization but will open 
one's heart to a deeper appreciation of the true Spirit of Aloha."

Joseph Cornell, Author of Listening to Nature and Journey to the Heart of Nature

"The In the Pursuit of Excellence: 
The Energetics of Optimum Potential presentation was both inspiring 
and a complete success, and went way above 
and beyond our expectations."

Tanya Aynessazian, CEO, Volcano Art Center

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