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Robert Frutos 
The Light of Aloha Foundation
The Light of Aloha Foundation, 
and Ministry, is a educational venue for sharing spiritual
inspiration and techniques in practical spiritual living.

With a strong focus on Aloha Spirituality,
Light of Aloha offers ancient practices and contemporary 
creative tools for inspiration, transformation, and healing.

Aloha Spirituality is authentic, pure, and a time-proven path, 
and its spiritual practices are open to all.

All it requires to begin is deep sincerity!

It is available to anyone, and is not affiliated with any one 
religion (though you can be religious and still live and 
practice Aloha Spirituality!) 

Aloha Spirituality is universal 
in nature and application, and is based upon known 
truths that create an inner dynamic Divine alignment, 
and a harmonious, balanced, creative, and joyful lifestyle, 
as well as an inner sense of radiant well-being.

The key precept of the Light of Aloha Foundation 
is the recognition of the Divine in ALL manifestation 
and in Each Moment... its Presence & Oneness in ALL life.

This is the essence & core of Mu/Hawaiian Spirituality.

Mu/Hawaiian lifestyle, cosmology, and consciousness, 
recognize that Spirit dwells in ALL things and permeates 
all life. That Spirit’s presence lives and breathes 
in all things - people, animals, plants, rocks, water, 
the stars, and the heavens. 

That each has their own level of consciousness, and each 
has their own gift to offer and unique role to play. 
In Mu/Hawaiian consciousness this awareness is recognized, 
honored, and deeply respected.

If life is viewed and understood from this perspective, 
life itself takes on a deeper and more meaningful significance: 
one that naturally includes great gratitude, unceasing wonder, 
and ever-deepening respect - both for Spirit’s radiant presence 
and for all life.

With this awareness, life becomes a balance of thriving 
gratefulness, and grace, and we gain the understanding 
that we are here simply to love (Aloha Spirit!) and be loved… 
to share our gifts, and to live our lives in an inspired, 
uplifting, and giving way. In doing so, our lives 
become complete and blessed indeed.

Mu/Hawaiian spirituality was/is about the transformation 
of the human soul, the ending of all dualities, that ALL be 
made whole and complete again, as we once were.

The purpose of Aloha Spirituality is to awaken and lift 
each soul’s consciousness into oneness with God consciousness 
and ABSOLUTE LOVE (Aloha Spirit!).

Aloha Spirituality is based on sources of pure ancient
Mu/Hawaiian spiritual understanding and perspectives - 
beginning with and according to – ancient Mu/Hawaiian 
chants, songs, and oral history, 

as well as the people of Hawai'i - be they kahuna, kahu, 
healers, seers, light-carriers of Aloha, or, have in someway 
have been responsible and entrusted with carrying on these 
inspiring and revered spiritual traditions.

An Invitation:

Aloha Spirituality is about a state of heart, a state of mind, 
a state of consciousness, and a state of awareness that we 
as individuals - and humanity as a whole, can benefit 
from exponentially.

Aloha Spirituality goes beyond skin color, blood lines, 
or place of birth. It includes everyone and embraces every 
spiritual aspirant and sincere truth-seekers 
(thus it is called the Rainbow Path, as it includes all people, 
creeds, races and colors.) 

Aloha Spirituality sanctions a level of awareness that allows 
one to live in harmony, respect and absolute love (Aloha Spirit!)

The door is open and the Rainbow Pathway is clear, 
if you feel called or deeply inspired:

come join us on a journey…
A journey of unutterable beauty 
and magnificent wonder,  
a journey across the landscapes 
of the heart & soul,  
where dreams and love and hope are born,
where inspiration, imagination, and creativity reside and know no limits,  
where Spirit soars and radiant peace abounds!