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Robert Frutos 

"Robert the world is blessed by your presence,
Share your work for it will heal others on all levels."

~ Carol Ritberger, author, medical intuitive, and nationally renowned lecturer


Robert is an initiated healer and has been trained 
in a number of effective and powerful healing modalities... 
more than 25 years ago, Robert's healing journey 
began after seriously injured his back.

Robert was told he would need to have his spinal discs fused
together through surgery - as the only way to properly 
heal the injury, and that nothing else could be done. 
Going with this approach, Robert would become handicapped 
for life, dependent on painkillers, coupled with a cane.

This was absolutely unacceptable!

Robert's healing journey began... crossing paths with western
doctors and medicine, acupuncturists, chiropractors, energy medicine
practitioners, shamans, and crystal energy healers. Robert simple 
could not believe that full healing was not possible and would 
leave no stone unturned.

While each was helpful and revealing to some extent, it was
a combination of healing methods through a medical intuitive 
and a Native American Medicine woman - that turned the corner 
towards full healing and
effective and powerful healer himself.

Robert trained with the medical intuitive for several years
and then became the medicine women's sole apprentice, "Tu Bears"
by name, for several more years,

Upon moving to Hawai'i, he has trained with several Kahuna, 
especially Papa K, who shared the sacred "Ha" breath method of healing.

Robert incorporates the many healing facets from all he has learned
into a successful and potent healing practice and method.

Robert is available for physical, emotional, mental & spiritual healing:

Robert is a heart-centered empath who facilitates the healer 
within you and assists you in accessing your own inner wisdom. 
He uses a fusion of several successful ancient and contemporary 
healing modalities. These techniques are based on the premise 
that healing begins at the spiritual level, moving more slowly 
to the denser energy fields: mental, emotional, 
and finally, the physical.

Robert uses the healing journey to assist you in becoming 
energetically whole and balanced and is available to anyone 
who is sincere. Robert assists his clients in coming into greater 
wholeness and manifesting their soul’s desires and purpose. 
Healing sessions are done at Robert’s Big Island home.

Call Robert or email to arrange for an appointment,

email rfphoto3@gmail.com           (808) 345-7179

"The healing session with Robert was the pinnacle of my healing process.
Transformational was the only word I can find to describe my experience.
The change was so drastic and immediate that it's almost to hard 
for even me to believe."

~ Deva Brown, Client

"I have traveled round the world and as a massage therapist have 
had many hands give light to this body, but none of those hands 
been guided with such Divine intelligence. I pray that many, 
many others are blessed to receive you gifts."

~ Angela Sebastian, Message Therapist

"Your session was absolutely the best and deepest healing experience, 
I have ever had."

~ Tim Fuller, Acupuncturist

Healing & Energy Medicine