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Robert Frutos 
Contact Robert
Contact Robert for a one - on - one 
session,class or appointment, according to your inspiration & need.

Spending time with Robert may become the very next step to following your heart, gaining clarity, and awakening and /or pursuing your higher Self and beckoning call, 
as well as receiving valuable insight, instruction, and/or healing.

Invite Robert to your next organizational/ business retreat, conference, workshop, association meeting, or training session.

Bringing in a professional/
inspirational/motivational speaker 
to address vision, and values, 
with an inspirational, energized, 
& content rich presentation 
is a sound investment to focus inspired vision, dynamic focus, and positive energy flow -

that will help transform your life, 
purpose, and/or business into the 
awareness of creating success 
through excellence, achieving goals through teamwork, and promoting balance & harmony 
in one's life and in one's work environment/enterprise.

Robert's presentations are 
customized to meet the goals 
and needs of the audience. 
After learning about the chal- 
lenges and essentials of your group, Robert will deliver a presentation designed to be a powerful, memorable and life-changing event.

Robert Frutos
PO Box 1033 
Volcano, HI