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Robert Frutos 
Robert is also a professional guide, 
and internationally recognized author, having written over 
18 inspiring books on a diverse range of subjects, including 
photography books, Hawaiian guide books,  spiritual books, 
self-help books, as well as inspirational books.

Robert is the founder of The Light of Aloha Foundation 
which offers ancient practices and contemporary 
creative tools for inspiration, transformation, healing
and creating a dynamic Divine inner alignment.

Robert has created a unique body of work woven together 
from a broad spectrum of training and varied experience - 
a spiritual educator, counselor, professional nature photographer, internationally recognized author, kahu (minister), teacher, 
presenter, and healing practitioner,

as well as being a successful multi-business owner that 
includes website design and creation, book publishing: 
hardcover, soft cover & ebooks, and a photo tour guide service,
as well as a sacred site tour guide service.

Robert possesses great depth and passion that inspire others 
to meet challenges, rise above their limitations, and transform 
one's life - towards living your highest inspirations and
attaining the fulfillment of your dreams.

Robert offers support, encouragement, comfort, and assistance 
on your unique life journey - through mentoring, educating, 
intuitive counseling & spiritual coaching - allowing you a
fresh and new perspective (the larger picture) a clear sense of 
direction, and a greater inner alignment.

His accomplishments provide some insight into his passion, 
enthusiasm, and creativity. Robert is a gifted teacher/speaker 
with a unique ability to easily share and communicate “how to 
achieve your life goal” skills. 

He brings the same passion – into sharing the Spirit of Aloha, 
and the beauty, wonder and magnificence of the Hawaiian Islands.

About Robert
​Robert is bit of a renaissance man, someone who does a little 
bit of everything, yet does it 
extremely well. He has excelled in many arenas and endeavors in life.

Robert is one of Hawai’i’s most 
well-known professional nature photographers & camera artists.