The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire...

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Robert is an internationally recognized  author, an award-winning professional camera artist, and foremost a multifaceted educator in many spheres, and on many different levels.

Here you will find many inspiring & educational ways that offer you a choice 
to move towards the very best that you can 
be at any given moment, 

and further allow you to gain clarity towards creating and manifesting your inspirations, 
hopes, dreams, and visions.

Robert Frutos 
808 345 - 7179
Welcome to Robert's Website

Robert inspires you to meet your challenges, rise above limitations, and helps transform your life - into YOUR Best Possible Life.

Whether you want to renew your passion, explore new ideas that will change your life, 
discover practical approaches for everyday conscious living, or simply open your heart 
to the very best that life can offer, 

from a lifetime of learned insight & experience, Robert can help...